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  Introduction In today’s outside plant (“OSP”) environment, the tendency to ‘underground’ the infrastructure has been growing, especially within metropolitan areas but also in areas with severe weather conditions.  This trend has created an environment where both safety and aesthetic is addressed but has created a series of new challenges. Previously, public utilities, such as […]

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Federal government broadband initiatives of loans, grants, stimulus funds – all a horrendous failure. Major carriers and MSO’s – not interested – however will do everything they can to impede alternatives. Google Fiber – Tier 4 cities and up target – failed and not interested. With these considerable failures or lack of true interest, then […]

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Everyone loves the idea of a gigabit networks.  Google Fiber started the hype and then all the carriers followed suit creating gigabit networks.  But what exactly does that mean to customers?  Do they know what it will allow them?  And, more importantly, how do telephone companies productize this network investment if all that is being […]

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“He who fails to plan is planning to fail!” Winston Churchill One of the greatest faults that exist in any project is the failure to plan!  Studies (and real-life) show consistently if a project is not well planned, it will result in unexpected events, that normally cost money and time.  In my past 38 years […]

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I remember in the 80s and 90s, when we Service Providers fought against the use of Packet Switched networks and IP.  To overcome the mandates of the data communications networks of our clients we created ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) and said we now have a technology that meets the needs of data communications but also […]

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Many telecommunications companies are making a significant entry into Africa.  One of the key aspects of the entry though will be making an investment in network infrastructure that will far exceed the ‘norm’ of Africa however still allowing for a maximum return on investment (ROI) that justifies the capital outlay. “Innovative and quality products and […]

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Mobile phone snooping fears CONCERNS over mobile phone security have been growing since a code book – which can crack the standard encryption that protects most cellphone calls – was posted online late last month. …more…