Author: admin | Date: January 20, 2010 | Please Comment!

It is good to see that telcos are accomplishing studies on gaining greater efficiencies. The results of a UAE-based study conducted by Etisalat shows how reducing the energy consumption of our network elements also reduces our carbon emissions.  Fibre optics has long been known as an investment that enables the telecommunications industry to offer greater services to its clients, through improved bandwidth, reliability, and robustness.  Of course, in these times of complete mobility with all services the use of fibre has been challenged, especially in the developing countries.  Of course those of us in the industry know that fibre is a critical element of our mobility networks and with the identification that fibre can also help with carbon reduction through reduction of use of energy that is even better.  Add to the efficiency gains in energy consumption the use of solar, wind, and other alternative power sources to provide power to our PoP locations (especially those in remote areas) or in countries with limited power grid (defaulting to dominant default is Diesel GenSets) .  I hope that Etitsalat will make this study available to the public.